Formed in the summer of 1986, the original line up being Simon Thorpe - Vocals, Nick "Arfur" Penny - Guitar, Shaggy - Bass and Andrew "Dr Rhythm" Plank - Drums. The first songs attempted were covers of Black Sabbath's Paranoid and The Damned's New Rose. After drawing inspiration from Shaggy's attempts to write songs with Robert McTaggart in the third year at St. John's School, they came up with 'New Generation'. This was a song written by Shaggy and Robert, but the lyrics needed changing a little. This was the start of a promising musical career. 'Trouble' was next off the production line, with all members chipping in with ideas. Apparently, the guitar riff is from a Fuzzbox song. Third, and most regrettably, came 'White Lies,' lyrics written by Shaggy in a school lunch hour in Marlborough Priory Gardens on the back of a Waitrose paper bag. It took about half an hour, and boy does it show. Arfur wrote the music the following Saturday at practice in a similar amount of time.

    Two more songs followed in quick succession, showing Arfur's anti-war stance, 'Battle Cry' and 'Our World,' and Andrew's 'The Martyr' left us with a trio of political numbers. The riff for The Martyr was taken from a video arcade game, whose name escapes me at present. In addition to all these, were cover versions of The Damned's 'Nasty', and an attempt at Dr & the Medics version of 'Spirit in the Sky.' Unfortunately, the timing of the vocals on Spirit in the Sky was slightly too much for Simon, so it was promptly discarded.

Our First Gig

Marlborough Town Hall - 3rd Jan 1987


To Be Completed